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For all the times I have been misunderstood. And for all the times I have just kept mum and decided to not launch into a whole long explanation of the “luxuries of working from home”, lest I be thought of as not knowing how fortunate I am.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or saying that I hate working from home. I actually love working from home and wouldn’t choose any other way now. But working from home comes with pros and cons too, just a different set of these as compared to the many of you who work in an office. For one, I sometimes become so much of a hermit that I stammer and stumble on my words when I do get into a conversation with anyone. I also get my sleep times all messed up.

This is also for all of my friends who think I have it made and working from home is easy. Hell no, it isn’t. Yes, I can go shopping when everyone else is at work. I have flexibility of time. I also don’t have a boss to answer to or work for promotions. But really, no one sees the hours and hard work you put in here (read: at home) at the “office”. There is no one to bear witness to you being hardworking. Trust me, my husband thinks I’m having the life at home, at least most of the time. In his more sober moments, he’ll say “yeah he knows I work hard”. Most of the time, he conveniently forgets.

And hell no, working from home isn’t for everyone. Discipline is important. Distractions are everywhere. You name it. There are a ton of household chores to do about the house. I even feel guilty for a messy house even if I didn’t have the time to clean up because I was too busy at the “office”. Moral of the story: You’ve got to be quite regimental. No kidding.

So yeah, this blog post articulates my thoughts. Those I’m always too lazy to explain. But most of all, working from home is a choice, one that anyone of us can choose to make. So why not try it and see if there’s any truth (and luxury) to all of this?

“Here I am, just sitting on my laptop, waiting for emails whilst watching TV. Well, not really. But people get these ideas that working from home means lounging about at home whilst finding stuff to do. Either that or we are all doing sales jobs from the moment we are awake or working in pyramid sale schemes. But that isn’t the case!

There are a few misconceptions about people who work from home. Here are just some of them!

WE WORK WHEN WE LIKE – It’s assumed that those who work at home can work any hours they please. Not entirely the case. Although working from home makes everything more flexible, hours can extend into the evenings or start from early mornings. Many who work from home do have to set guidelines and set work hours just like if they were to be working in an office. It really depends on the job.

WE HAVE LOTS OF FREE TIME – During work hours, you have to create deadlines, time boundaries and organise your life around your work. The problem is that you are never really leaving your workspace. Even when closing the door to the home office at the end of your day, there’s always a temptation to pop in there to work into the late hours of the night. Really, working from home can be just as demanding as any other job. While working digitally enables you to create a flexible schedule, there is still work that needs to be done.

WE DO A JOB THAT IS ALSO OUR HOBBY – Although working from home is more beneficial than going to an office (for many!) it’s not necessarily our hobby. Although I enjoy marketing and writing the topic of my job isn’t something I find interesting at all really. But that’s good. I never want my job to be my hobby otherwise it will become a chore as opposed to something I enjoy.

WE DON’T HAVE TO GET READY FOR WORK – When I’m travelling and working, it’s a different situation. I feel much more laid back due to time differences and an overall awareness that I am out of the country. But when I’m in the UK, based at home I like to have a routine. It’s thought that if you don’t have to leave the house you also don’t have to get it ready but in reality getting ready for work helps productivity.

WE ALL DO HOME SALES – Almost any job that requires an office can be done at home. With the use of Skype, Dropbox, wi-fi, email and also telephone it’s a pretty good set up, Small businesses could save a lot of money by using this method:

  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Marketing
  • Editing
  • Blogging
  • Web design
  • Graphic design

EVERYONE CAN WORK FROM HOME – There’s a certain discipline you must have to be able to work from home. You have to be able to work… from home. Without distraction. That can be tricky (believe me)! Again, it depends on your line of work and what you’re expected to do. But not everyone enjoys working in their house and prefer to work in offices.”

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