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About PhyQuirks
Hi there! I am Phylicia and most people call me Phy for short.

Welcome to my blog!

I have always loved blogging and in 2009, I finally got myself, my kinda-permanent home on the www. 2009 was also the year I had just left my high-paying Banking job after graduating from Singapore Management University (SMU) with a Bachelor of Business Management with majors in both Finance and Law 4 years prior. I then chose to embark on a new learning adventure to become a social media specialist with the aim of working from home, and I haven’t looked back since!

Justin & Me

2014 was a crazy year that saw me prepare for my wedding in less than 6 months. OH wait, it was 2 weddings – one in KL (my husband is Malaysian) and the other in Singapore (and I am true blue thoroughbred Singaporean). It also saw me plunge into depression and then struggle and find my way out of it, no doubt, with the neverending encouragement and support and love I got from my husband and 2 very dear girlfriends.

2015 had its fair share of difficulties but the years after were certainly a lot brighter. My little family of 3 – Justin my husband, myself and our lil one named Sylvester – has brought me lots of joy. And I trust and am thankful that God always knows and does what is best for us. =) Well, back to Sylvester… mind you, she’s only called Sylvester when she’s about to get scolded. Otherwise, there’s a whole bunch of endearing nicknames for her, such as bearbear, sorbear, darling girl, ah fat, gooms… and so on… lol!

So these days, I take on many hats – the good wife, slave to house and dog, free labour to husband’s business, freelance facilitator for corporate trainings, social media specialist and aspiring blogger, amongst a number more I’ve now forgotten.

PhyQuirks' Family

Through my thoughts and daily muses and/or rants, you will see I am a walking mishmash of an oxymoron – an extroverted introvert. If you’re wondering what an extroverted introvert is, read here. Shove me a scuba tank and you’ll see Little Mermaid’s alter ego surface from under my skin. Bring a dog within a 20m radius of me and I’ll be all googoogaagaa over it (as long as it doesn’t bare its fangs at me!). By all means, leave me with my iPad or iPhone and I’ll be kept busy playing Cooking Dash 2016! That’s gotta be my favorite now! And there’s really no saving grace in taking my credit cards from me in a vain attempt to cure my online shopping addiction, for I have my credit card number (AND CVV code AND expiry date) stored *points to head* up here!

Tell me about your travels and I’ll be gushing, “oohhhh, I want to go xxxxx!”
Take me to an Apple store and I’ll still run my hands over the beautiful macs and devices.
Indeed, with my Apple devices in hand, I truly believe my world is my playground.

Wow! Thank you for having read till here!

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God bless!