Current Obsession : Oh My Venus & So Ji Sub

Oh My Venus

Sorry hubs, but I have found a new love – actor So Ji Sub. hahaha! My hubs can’t quite keep up with my new “loves”. A few weeks ago, it was Joo Sang-Wook from Birth of a Beauty and now, it’s So Ji Sub.

Can you see the trend? I’m looking at myself from outside my body and thinking, “what’s with the slit-eyed macho men?” *lol* Especially since I was crazy about Lee Min Ho for such a long time! Btw, my hubs even bought me Lee Min Ho fan collectibles then!

Anyhow, So Ji Sub has certainly made an impression this time (on me) with Oh My Venus! *drool* And I do love the Oh My Venus story. It is unexpectedly funny and heartwarming and So Ji Sub’s hard face just lights up the screen when he does smile. And it only dawned on me after watching the Oh My Venus press conference, that the story is “healing” and positive in so many ways. It makes you believe in true love (hahaha, forgive the fairytale believer in me.) and is also all about the “if you believe it, you can do it”.


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