I Love WordPress!

I love wordpress!

I work with it night and day … and thank goodness I love it … at least up till now!
It’s kinda like an addiction … probably like your addiction to coffee or bubble tea …

This is really an insane hour to be typing this blog.
I must say my brain is hardly working. This is probably all gibberish. But then again, whose blog isn’t about the nonsensical stuff we do everyday?!

My back is aching badly … my neck & shoulders especially. I can hear them creak (read: groan + ache) each time I stretch.
I think a massage is in the works … but then again, that’s what I always say … just like how a jog is in the works … or yoga is in the works too …

ah well! at least my blog is done =)

Anyways, here’s birthday wishes to Moi Ling & Kam!
Peace & happiness always!

Today is your day, Boo

I can’t remember the last time I heard that said. I think it was at least 7 months ago.

There’s so many things I said, and yet, there’s so many others that were never mentioned.
The real reason I gave the bed away was because it hurt too much. I couldn’t go to my room and sleep in the bed without crying for a long long time when you kinda disappeared and took your time. I hid out in my sister’s room. At times, she slept right beside me just so I had company, just so I wouldn’t cry.

Anyhow, the slate is clean.

“Shouldn’t the world stop? Don’t they know what has happened to me?
But the world did not stop, it took no notice at all,…” ~ Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

And the world keeps on spinning and life goes on.

We went to Shashlik today for dinner. We felt like steak, chateaubriand to be exact. This is the first time in a long long while someone took me to a restaurant and paid for me. It felt odd in a way, coz it felt like old times when we were together. Yet there was the jarring reminder of a phonecall to bring me back to earth.

Ikea was nice… and I really did wolf down that hotdog. I was really hungry. I felt a kind of relief telling you about the bed. I still feel bad, but it’s not a hidden truth. It’s nice to come out in the open, even if it means getting nagged at or losing the possibility of a brand new comp…

The last time I had the Swiss macaroons was when we went to Bali, Hard Rock Hotel. Remember we argued at the airport, on the plane, all the way. It was kinda make or break then. Look where we are today. We’ve come a long way … the good and the bad. It’s always a package, isn’t it? I had one when I got home … it tasted like vanilla.

Thank you for making the effort today. For the great company, talk … advice/nagging/lectures etc. For dinner, and macaroons … For letting me have a sit in that chair … For letting the tears run without the historic grumbles and irritations … =)
I had a great time. Really. Thank you.

Zara – 2 months on

Zara means Sunshine in Hebrew.

When she first caught my eye at SPCA, I just knew she was a darling!
A day after arriving home, she reminded me of Marley in Marley & Me, no kidding!! She destroyed most of the plants in the front porch, chewed up a couple of slippers (only the rubbery ones, mind you!) and was a terror at the beach. So much so that I really didn’t dare to take her out …

2 months home now, she’s toned down so much. It’s as though she has matured into a fine lady. Plus, she’s adopted Ruffy’s behaviour … she loves being hugged and touched. She loves to play … She loves attention… Who doesn’t?

Just recently, she lost her appetite and appeared sad and listless. She was hardly her energetic self. I sat down next to her food bowl and like magic, she started to eat. The cutest was she would stop halfway through and stare at me. I picked up some food, fed her handfuls at a time. She’s now eating regularly.

She’s probaby the only dog in the legacy of dogs we’ve had in our family, whom I’ve spent so much time with.

I simply love her!

1st Thought of the Day

I woke up this morning thinking what I did just before I fell asleep . . . that I might never get married. I have lost sight/hope of my fairy tale. Perhaps it’s time to wake up from my reverie – fairy tales do not exist, at least not anymore.

Perhaps it’s time to watch “He’s Just Not That Into You” again …

As much as I would love to don a wedding gown, walk down the aisle in some beautiful church or church looking building, be a Mrs somebody, have my own place … I feel disillusioned. Like things were never meant to be this way, like fairy tales were never meant to happen, at least not to me.

My long term goal : own my own pad, a condo with the likes of Costa Del Sol … the perfect view, facilities.

What do I need to Achieve my goal :
focus (on current work)
timetable to make sure I do my work
keep looking back at this post to make sure I’m getting there & moving forward

Good luck to me!

Hairy Crabs

My mum and Yi-ma got hairy crabs from Chinatown today. Apparently they’re cheap at $90/kg. I’m not so sure . . .
But anyhow, 2 crabs made it into my tumtums. They were kinda tasty … lots of roe – which I absolute love … cute tasty legs that are extremely to eat with a pair of scissors and some pokey crab thingy …