Out of the Wreck I Rise

Out of the Wreck I Rise

I’m about to start on the book of Leviticus on my 1-year Chronological Bible Reading Plan.

If there’s one thing I drew from the book of Exodus, it would be that I want to have the same intimate relationship that Moses had with God and experience the radiance in my face (Exodus 34:29-30). And all of it comes from the same few things – obedience and trust in the Lord and reading and praying His word.

In these tough times, all we can do is cling unto Him and trust that He has the best plans laid out for us. And today’s devotional from My Utmost for His Highest is titled Out of the Wreck I Rise.

An excerpt taken from the devotional:

Either Jesus Christ is a deceiver, having deceived even Paul, or else some extraordinary thing happens to someone who holds on to the love of God when the odds are totally against him. Logic is silenced in the face of each of these things which come against him. Only one thing can account for it— the love of God in Christ Jesus. “Out of the wreck I rise” every time.


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