The Freedoms We Most Take For Granted

I received this article in my email from my TIME magazine subscription – a weekly email written by Motto’s Editorial Director, Callie Schweitzer. I look forward to each short article she writes to remind us about the different aspects of life, some of which we often overlook.

In this article, The Freedoms We Most Take For Granted, it touches a part of me. Indeed, so often, we take for granted the many freedoms we enjoy. We forget to even just be appreciative of the simple freedoms we enjoy. To say something along the lines of “I live in (insert name of first world nation) and not in (insert name of third world country). Hence it’s not that I take my freedom for granted. It was given to me,” is to be ignorant and arrogant. The least we can do is to be appreciative of what we have that others don’t.

And to end, a quick excerpt from the article :

“And so it comes down to choice. So often a hot button topic when we talk about women. Choosing our professions. Choosing whom (or whether) to marry. Choosing when (or if) we have kids. But life is full of smaller choices too, every day, and they can make a difference: what to wear, when to speak up, how to treat others.

Today, take a moment and think about the freedoms, big and small, that let you be who you want to be.”

~ Callie Schweitzer,
Editorial Director, Motto


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