The Big 2017 Roundup

2017 is coming to an end. My last post was written on 7th Dec 2016, coincidentally.
I guess with November ending and December just a day away, it’s a time of reflection and collection.

This year, as always, was a flurry of activity…


On the homefront, a number of disappointments, some carried over from the year before, that I’m not prepared to share with the world. Sometimes I ask God what all this training is for. He hasn’t answered yet but I’m sure I’ll find out someday. Mum had a health issue that’s now been taken care of and I’m thankful.

All in all, I still have so much to be thankful for. Countless blessings in the form of amazing people around me, the support, the lifelines that continue to hold me up each time I trip and ‘almost’ fall.


Dec 2016 was the first time I stepped foot in Taiwan. It was a great trip and also a first with Adrian & Adeline. They make awesome travel buddies! Looking forward to more!

July 2017 – Went shopping crazy in Seoul, South Korea. Absolutely loved the place even if it’s my 3rd time there. Love the food (you can read all about what I ate in Seoul here)

Took a short trip to Bali for work, but that doesn’t count! Didn’t even get to dip in the pool even though we stayed at a beautiful hotel in Nusa Dua!

To sum it all, there’s never enough travelling for me! Still craving more!


On the work front, we have a new company going – Phlocode – that operates in both Singapore and Malaysia. We decided to offer our services to the world, from website design to SEO and Digital Marketing.

We wanted to offer our services mostly to SMEs as we felt that these companies often have websites that need updating or are obsolete because they don’t know how to manage/update it. We wanted to fill the gap by offering training or our services for a small and very affordable fee.


I went on my very first 4D3N silent retreat, thanks to the Journey Series I signed up for. What a journey it was! Many thanks to my small group leader, spiritual director and fellow journeyers. Learnt so much and grew so much in faith =)

Going through somewhat of a ‘dark night’ now but I’m sure I’ll come out of it =)


Still attending yoga classes and loving it! I can touch my toes now!! Weeeee!!!

The Korean Craze

Still totally crazy about Korean dramas. They were the only TV programs I watched for a looonnnggg time until Designated Survivor on Netflix!

Shan’t name the dramas I watched … it’s a terribly long list … lol

Rounding Up

Kinda lost at this point. Not even at crossroads, but I’m lost in the wilderness. My life seems to be branching out in all directions but yet I don’t want to take a single direction.

Where is this all taking me, God?
Where are You taking me, God?


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