The Big 2016 Roundup

2016, just like all the other years in my life, has been full of ups and down. But hey, we’ve all made it to December 2016! And it’s a big thank you to the big guy up in heaven. I couldn’t have come this far on my own. =)


This year started off rough. I wasn’t on talking terms with my youngest sister in the beginning and that continued for months. And as we all know, our DHF (Dear Heavenly Father) always has a plan for us, whether we like it or not. And by some crooked twist, my sister and I broke our cold war and together with my other sister and mum, we battled our way through the rest of the year, banding closer than ever together, tears, fights and whatever you may have.

My grandma has also gone home to be with the Lord and I continue to miss her everyday. Some nights, I see her face so clearly in my mind and I miss her dearly, for all her clever and witty anecdotes and wise sayings – these I continue to hold close to my heart.

At home (KL), my little family of 3 (dog included) has grown, emotionally, and probably physically too. haha! Our little fella loves group hugs and hugs in general and continues to keep me entertained everyday with her strange age-defying antics. At 13 years of age, she continues to jump and run and paw-slide (as opposed to knee slide) around the apartment. She can also now tell me when she’s hungry and wants to be fed, and when she needs to go pee/poop so I can wipe her butt and clear the soiled newspapers and give her a fresh set for her next toilet visit. I continue to be her slave =).

My husband has been most supportive despite my sluggishness. lol. And I couldn’t ask for more.


This year, I had the privilege to travel to Hongkong, London and in a weeks’ time, Taiwan to end off the year with a bang! Travelling to Hongkong and London allowed me to spend much precious time with my toddler niece, Charlotte, without which, I would be a stranger-aunt to her. These 2 trips also allowed me to spend time with my mother who lives in Singapore, without which, I wouldn’t have seen much of her considering I only spent a total of about 1 week in Singapore this year.


Work-wise, this year was emotionally sluggish for me, personally. I have been bumbling around, kinda lost. I just do what I need to, when I need to. But otherwise, without motivation or passion. I’m still in the midst of digging deep. Probably need to dig deeper.


The one thing that I have kept going is the church website. After my baptism in December 2015, I offered to revamp our church’s website and I have since done so and kept it updated, with the help of our communications committee. This month marks 1 year of service in Trinity Methodist PJ‘s communications committee and hopefully, many more years to come. This month also marks the beginning of service in yet another ministry – Membership Committee (Greet, Meet, Connect (GMC)). As our church undergoes positive changes, I am glad to have played a part, no matter how small.

December also marks 1 year since we joined our Small Group that meets up fortnightly, which has allowed us to get to know our DHF more dearly and given us a support group that I never knew could be so helpful.


Come 2nd Jan 2017, I would have had 1 year of yoga classes under my belt. I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes, usually attending 3 sessions per week and each session lasting about 1-1.5 hours. I am certainly more flexible now and I have found myself being able to do many more poses than I could ever imagine myself to. I also did my first supported headstand and hope to accomplish more in 2017!

The Korean Craze

Lastly, in more light-hearted news, it has been a year of me going gaga over Korean dramas, Descendents of the Sun starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo and Love in the Moonlight starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. These two dramas have officially made it to the top of my Must-Watch Korean Dramas list. And Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum have surpassed Lee Min Ho’s ranks in my list of Korean heartthrobs.

Rounding Up

I couldn’t be more grateful for the people I have drawn closer to this year and for the many new friendships forged. I also couldn’t be happier with all that I have. I am indeed blessed.

Thank you DHF!


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