My Travels :: Bangkok :: January 2013

After a good 10 years, I have finally set foot on Bangkok soil again. Bangkok is unrecognizable. It has fluorished and is now filled with beautiful shopping centres, no longer just the backlane streets of Pratunam.

Jatuchak is still as before, an experience of its own kind, albeit in a more organized manner. Crowds still throng the small lanes and the even smaller shops. Legs still ache after a whole day there. And most of all, a whole day there still isn’t enough time to finish just walking through all the small alleyways.

While I didn’t like MBK as much as before, I now welcome Platinum Mall with its wholesale prices and ooohhh, I love Central and Siam Center!

BKK Day 1

BKK Day 1 - Minomi

BKK Day 2

BKK Day 3


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