Day 7 of 10 of my #ThankYouNotes Challenge

10-Day #ThankYouNotes Challenge to Kill Writer's Block

Oops, I missed a day, thanks to an abrupt change in my schedule! But no, it ain’t the change. It’s me. My bad.
But I’m gonna trudge through this and make it to Day 10! So here goes:

I’m thankful for friends and family and the people I meet. I’m thankful that I always meet people who see the potential in me and they always trump my father’s voice in my head (read: the naysayer), well, at least until he decides to pop by for a “visit” again.

I’m thankful for my husband who does not feel threatened by me, for we live in a society with a culture that is as such. I’m thankful he gives me the space and room to grow as I wish. I’m thankful he even encourages me all the way and is with me every step of the way. I’m thankful for him for the shelter and ‘safety’ he provides me. I’m also thankful for him always wanting and trying to give me everything I wish to have. And for always allowing me to breathe easily when I “declare” the amount of shopping I’ve done for the day. I’m thankful I don’t have to suffer the typical “hide stuff you buy from your husband lest you get a earful…”

I’m thankful for our little one who lives a healthy and active life. She’s already 12 and for a small dog, that’s a mighty long life. I pray she continues to live for many more years, healthily, happily and actively.


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